This Data Management Plan (DMP) can offer guidance to data producers and data stewards involved in the project EOSC-Pillar for all relevant questions concerning data (e.g. the content of data, metadata, software applications) generated during several project activities. This DMP describes the comprehensive lifecycle of data, from collection to storage, preservation, distribution and re-use scenarios.

The guiding principle of data gathering is to gain insights into the environment of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and to support its implementation. Consequently, data collected by EOSC-Pillar may be of special interest to:

  1. The EOSC Governance Board
  2. The EOSC Executive Board
  3. The Working Groups of the Executive Board of EOSC, especially “WG Landscape” and “WG Sustainability”
  4. Other EOSC supporting projects (“5b projects”: EOSC-Synergy; EOSC-Nordic; NI4OS-Europe, ExPaNDs)
  5. Other activities and initiatives currently involved in the development of EOSC.

Potential addressees:

  • The European Commission
  • e-IRG
  • Science Europe
  • All European Universities Networks involved in the co-creation processes
  • The cluster projects”: ENVRI-FAIR, EOSC Life, ESCAPE, PaNOSC, and SSHOC
  • The research community
  • Other actors interested in the development of EOSC