"The Data layer: establishing FAIR data services at the national and transnational level" Work Package (WP5) reduces technical, societal and organisational barriers to ensure research data considered in EOSC-Pillar is FAIR.

This goal is achieved by addressing the following objectives:

  • Develop an innovative set of services for a Federated FAIR Data Space (F2DS), starting from the content of existing research data repositories.
  • Set up support and training activities, facilitating the dissemination and adoption of FAIR standards for research data management.
  • Boost, collate and agglomerate domain-specific ontologies and related metadata as the main basis for cross-domain interoperability.

Check out the evolving EOSC-Pillar Research Data Management training and support catalogue!

Promoting the FAIR data principles

Building on activities performed by other past and ongoing projects and initiatives, such as the ones included in the INFRAEOSC-05 2018-2019 call, this Work Package aims at creating the conditions for an effective exploitation and reuse of FAIR data across Member States through the EOSC ecosystem.

The aim is to increase bottom-up collaborations of all ontologies created in relevant scientific fields and federating them into one, allowing scientists to find information and date, as well as decipher information within data sets.

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