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Between July 2019 and December 2022, EOSC-Pillar coordinated national Open Science efforts across Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy, ensuring their contribution to and readiness for the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The work of EOSC-Pillar consisted of seven areas, focusing on specific aspects of the project.

National Initiatives Survey

Provides a snapshot of the state of the art of national initiatives for open research data and services in each country

Establishing FAIR Data Services

Progressively reduce technical, societal and organisational barriers to ensure findability, accessibility, interoperability and re-use (FAIR) of research data

Delivering Horizontal Data Storage and Computing Services

Also known as the Infrastructure Layer, EOSC-Pillar will produce solutions supporting a wide range of communities and include services that will be part of the EOSC infrastructure layer