EOSC-Pillar National Initiatives Survey Work Package (WP) will conduct and design a set of surveys to assess the state of the art of national initiatives in the area of research infrastructures

To achieve its purpose and to gain a comprehensive picture of the European infrastructure landscape, the WP team involved about 2,000 institutions across the five European countries  that were covered by EOSC-Pillar: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

The questionnaires are addressed to four types of respondents relevant to open access research data:
  • E-infrastructures
  • Research Infrastructures
  • Universities
  • Funding bodies

The institutions were identified based on their roles and activities with regard to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). 

How the surveys will support the development of EOSC

To discover and assess gaps, initiate necessary developments, start specific support measures and create opportunities, the survey data available will be the key factor for open research data and services.

The manager of National Initiatives Survey Work Package, Lisa Hönegger from Vienna University, said:

“Our aim is to collect comprehensive data from multiple European countries to allow for evidence-based decision-making in shaping the future of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). There is a need to create a solid database and a comprehensive picture of the status quo of the research infrastructure landscape. By creating this picture, we deliver the basis for steering policies which support developing the European infrastructure landscape for open research data.”


Survey Methodology and Questionnaire

The full edition for scientific use of the questionnaire and methodology has been uploaded on the AUSSDA Public Dataverse by members of Work Package 3. It is freely available at this link.


The EOSC-Pillar National Initiatives Survey Roadmap

  • On 3rd October 2019

EOSC-Pillar launched its survey activities: all target groups received general questions on the European Open Science Cloud, their contributions, benefits, expectations, as well as an overall view on EOSC. Additionally, separate, and more specific surveys with questions tailored to each target group were designed to assess the maturity level of open research data initiatives and services with relevance to EOSC individually.

  • 28 October and 4 November 2019

To allow institutions and researchers to better understand the aim of these surveys and help them to answer properly, EOSC-Pillar’s team has managed 3 webinars in the first languages in France, Italy and Germany.
The recorded videos of each webinar are available here.

  • March 2020

First results are expected.

  • April 2020

Webinar on the National Initiatives Survey results on the 3rd of April.

The survey has been completed. Visit the webinar page to watch the recording video and consult the slides from the presentation.

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