April 03, 2020
03 April 2020 - 13:00 to 14:00

Description and scope

The EOSC-Pillar National Initiatives Survey aimed at assessing the state of the art of national initiatives in the area of open research data and services in order to support the harmonisation of these services and ultimately their integration into the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

To achieve its purpose and to gain a comprehensive picture of the European infrastructure landscape, the survey team involved more than 2.000 institutions across five European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

How the data will support the development of the EOSC

To discover and assess gaps, initiate necessary developments, start specific support measures and create opportunities, the survey data will be one of the key factors for future developments of open research data services. The results will allow for evidence-based decision-making in shaping the future of the European research infrastructure landscape and the EOSC.

What are the insights into the European RI Landscape gathered through the survey? What are the most important takeaways for policy and decision makers? For open research data service providers? These are the questions this webinar will address.

Key takeaways

Get insights into the European research infrastructure landscape.
Receive information on the EOSC “readiness” of e-infrastructures.
Find out how regional projects are contributing to the EOSC Governance.
See how EOSC-Pillar approaches landscaping within their region.
Get in touch with the people behind the landscaping activities.

Did you miss the National Initiatives Survey Results webinar?

Take it easy! The recording and slides from the webinar are available below. You can also navigate the results at this link.



The presentation of the webinar is downloadable here.


Agenda - 3 April 2020 13:00 CEST




Welcome: Introduction to EOSC-Pillar and connection to the European Research Infrastructure Landscape

Fulvio Galeazzi (GARR)


EOSC-Pillar survey: Introduction to the survey - aim and concept
Lisa Hönegger (UNIVIE)


Content 1: Results for business models, SLAs and user support

Geneviève Romier (CNRS)


Content 2: Results for access regulations, policies and legal aspects

Jos van Wezel (KIT)


Content 3: Results for FAIRness of data, services and their users

Anita Bodlos (UNIVIE)


Content 4: Country specifics
Lisa Hönegger (UNIVIE) - Austria

Inge Van Nieuwerburgh (UGent) - Belgium

Geneviève Romier (CNRS) - France

Jos van Wezel (KIT) - Germany

Federica Tanlongo (GARR) - Italy


What’s Next? How will this information be used?

Federica Tanlongo (GARR)



Moderator: Rob Carrillo (TRUST-IT)


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