EOSC-Pillar aims to coordinate national Open Science efforts across Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy, and ensure their contribution and readiness for the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

To achieve this, a well-executed communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement plan is necessary. The purpose of this document is to outline EOSC-Pillar’s specific communication, dissemination and engagement actions, to maximise the impact of the project and to ensure its success.

This document describes the communication and dissemination objectives, including support for the key activities of the project. This involves the national initiatives survey, harmonisation of procedures for delivering horizontal enabling services for research data, coordination with other initiatives, promotion of FAIR data principles uptake at the national levels, enabling non-commercial transnational services in the EOSC portal, building of an active stakeholder community across the countries covered and proposing business models that ensure the sustainability of EOSC-Pillar’s services.

The planned campaigns and activities cover the four communication and dissemination objectives where EOSC-Pillar will build an active stakeholder community of EOSC supporters in each country, coordinate with other initiatives to achieve harmonisation for an inclusive EOSC, disseminate of project results with an aim towards exploitation and provide communication support to all work packages to ensure the success of their activities.

Campaigns to be carried out are:

  • Campaign 1: Showcasing Diverse Use Cases & Community-Driven Pilots
  • Campaign 2: Policy and Legal Framework Recommendations
  • Campaign 3: Communicating the National Initiatives Survey and Outcomes
  • Campaign 4: Support for Onboarding New Services
  • Campaign 5: Promoting the Open Call for Services
  • Campaign 6: Communications Support for Stakeholder Engagement Activities
  • Campaign 7: Promoting Training and FAIR Data Services

These activities will be executed according to the EOSC-Pillar Communication and Dissemination Methodology and Stakeholder Journey, where WP2 logically maps the process it takes from turning a “stranger” into a “promoter” and how each item’s contribution to the project goals is made explicit through campaign and horizontal activities KPIs.



Relevant Result: 
Community Building Content, Events and Channels